Services Rendered

Our service offerings include tax and regulatory, audit and assurance, business advisory for domestic businesses of all sizes. We offers a wide gamut of services to our clientele which includes;

Tax and Regulatory

a) Direct Taxes

 Direct Taxation in India broadly refers to the Income Tax and Wealth tax laws which involve Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Minimum Alternate Tax, Capital Gains Tax, International Tax, Transfer Pricing etc. We specialize services in each of the above mentioned areas of tax and regulatory compliance.

 b) Tax Work

Ourcompany undertakes preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns with the Tax Authorities for all types and sizes of clients. It assists the clients in computing and making correct and timely tax payments of dues along-with guiding them in effective tax planning and compliances with all tax related matters.

c) ICDS Impact Analysis and Implementation

 Our company have a strong team dedicated to helping our clients ascertain the impact of ICDS on their tax matters, quantifying the impact and working with the management to arrive at strategic positions to be taken on each of the ICDS.

d) Tax Representation

We provide representation services to clients at all levels of tax hierarchy ranging from Assessment to Administrative and Appellate stages. We have competence and resources to serve clients at all levels of appellate stages by undertaking preparation of submissions and appearing before authorities ranging from Income Tax Officers, Appellate Commissioners and Income-Tax Appellate Tribunals etc.

e) Issuance of form 15CA/CB.

 Our company also assistsin issuing form 15CA/CB to our clients.

f) Tax Compliance / Planning

Ourcompany advises the clients on the correct deduction / collection and payment of taxes at source for various transactions and filing of e-TDS of Returns of the Clients. Ourcompany also provides services such as Due diligence of TDS compliance.

    Our company also guides the clients for planning their income tax matters in a tax friendlymanner. The company renders advisory services such as pricing strategies and advice on maintenance of accounts for transfer pricing issues and conducts audits for the same.

Indirect Tax

a) Value Added Tax

The company renders the following services for Maharashtra Value Added Tax:

1) Filing of Returns

The company provides requisite guidance for the preparation, payment and filing of Sales Tax Returns (including MVAT / CST Returns / Profession Tax Returns)

 2) Representation

 The company undertakes preparation of written submissions and appearing before the tax and appellate authorities.

3) Advisory Services

The company provides advisory and consultancy services to clients on a regular basis or on a case to case basis as per the needs of the client.

4) MVAT Audit

The company conducts MVAT Audit under section 61 of the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002.

5) Due Diligence

The company undertakes the professional task of verifying the compliances with the provisions of the MVAT Act and allied laws.

b) Professional Tax

 Ourcompany renders the following services for Maharashtra Professional Tax:

1) Registration

 Ourcompany takes up the responsibility of registering the client’s organization under the Professional Tax umbrella.

2) Filing of Returns

Ourcompany provides advisory services and guides the clients in preparing and filing the Professional Tax returns.

3) Representation

 Ourcompany undertakes preparation of written submissions and appearing before the tax authorities.

4) Advisory Services

Ourcompany gives advisory services and consultancy as per the requirements of the client.

Audit and Assurance

Our audit and assurance solutions range from Statutory Audits, Tax Audits, and TransferPricing Audits etc. The audit deliverables range from reporting for statutory compliances to enhancing the client business financial and operational performance.

1)Statutory Audits

 Ourcompany conducts Statutory Audits of several Public and Private Corporate clients, which are required to be conducted under the provision of The Companies Act, 2013 and various other statutes.

2) Tax Audits

Ourcompany conducts Tax Audits for corporates and non-corporate as prescribed under the provisions of The Income Tax Act, 1961.

3) GST Audits

 Audit under GST is the examination of records maintained by a registered dealer. The aim is to verify the correctness of information declared, taxes paid and to assess the compliance with GST. Our company conducts GST audit as prescribed under GST Law.

Corporate Law Services

Our company offers corporate law and secretarial services in fields ranging from

1) Incorporation of corporate entities.

2) Assistance in maintaining prescribed records as per provision of Companies Act, 2013

3) Annual compliances with registrar of companies-MCA

Goods and Service Tax

Goods & Service Tax Act (GST) is the new Law in India which has merged in itself VAT, Service Tax, Excise, Octroi, Entry Tax etc. Clients have to study impact of GST on its products, pricing etc.  Through our team of qualified and experienced professionals equipped to provide regular knowledge updates in a lucid style, you will be ideally positioned to understand the various options available to your organization while putting together your supply chain. This would help you minimize tax costs and risks while taking advantage of the available exemptions, abatements, credits and set-offs.

The company renders the following services for GST:


 Ourcompany takes up the responsibility of registering the client’s organization under the GST umbrella.

2) Filing of Returns

Our company provides advisory services and guides the clients in preparing and filing the GST returns.

3) Representation

 The company undertakes preparation of written submissions and appearing before the tax authorities.

4) Advisory Services

The company gives advisory services and consultancy as per the requirements of the client.


RERA (Real estate regulation authority)

The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 aims to establish the Real Estate Regulatory Authority that would regulate and promote the real estate sector. The main aim of the Act is to protect the interest or buyers and promote timely delivery of properties or projects.

All the projects either on land more than 500 sq. m or having at least eight apartments, including the one without completion or occupancy certificate must be registered. Developers have to post details like project plan, layout plan, approvals, land title status, details of promoters, contractors, architects, date of completion with the State RERA – Customers can access this information from the RERA websites.

 1) RERA registration.

RERA makes it mandatory for all commercial and residential real estate projects where the land is over 500 square meters or eight apartments will have to register with regulator before launching a project. Every promoter shall make an application to the authority for registration of real estate project. Projects that are ongoing on the date of commencement of this act and for which completion certificate have not been issued have to get registered with RERA. If real estate project fails to register a property, it will attract penalty. Our team with dedicated resources will help you in enrolling the projects under RERA in very lucid manner.

2) RERA Quarterly returns & compliance.

 Under the provision of RERA Act, it is mandatory fora promoter of the project to give quarterly updates of the Project failure of which lead to rigorous penalty under the provision of RERA act.

Our company will assist you in making quarterly compliances of all RERA enrolled project.

3) RERAcertifications

 Under the provision of RERA Act, it is mandatory for each promoter of the project to get certificate from CA at the time of withdrawal of money from a separate bank account.

Our company will assist you in issuing this certificate.


1) Home Loans- If you can dream it, you can own it!

 With increasing population and urbanization, there’s a fight for living space which in turn is making property expensive especially in cities.A housing loan provides common man the opportunity to buy a home for their family. With Easy EMIs and low interest rates, people are able to accommodate EMIs in their monthly expenditure.

Arranging finances for your first home entail looking for the right housing loan. When it comes to home loans in India, there is no dearth of options. Almost all national level banks, both public and private, provide home loans on different arrangements. Today, there is a home loan present for all your needs. Although, the drawback of so many options being present is the perpetual confusion that emerges from it.

Why not check all the available best offers of Home Loan before you go for Application and documentation because you only buy your Dream House, once in a life-time. So check everything thoroughly from us and then apply!!!

2) Mortgage Loans

There comes many times in life when we need quick money be it for personal purposes such as treating an urgent medical condition that is not covered under medical insurance or marrying one of your children or a business expansion or any other expense that requires big amount of money. In situations such as these, a Loan against Property is highly beneficial. You can leverage the potential value of your property and use it for covering your expense and pay off your loan in EMIs that suit you.

3) Business Loans

 Your business required most of your time, so get all the information about Business Loan at one place and save your time. Moreover, we’ll not just help you to get the loan, we’ll also resolve all you queries.

4) Personal Loans

 Life throws all sorts of challenges at people. While some of these challenges are met with personal efforts, other challenges require you to take financial aid, be it then from friends, family or banks in form of quick personal loans.

Personal loans are great when it comes to dealing with life’s financial challenges. There are number of times when you need quick money for a number of reasons, it could be a medical emergency, or an urgent housing renovation, a foreign holiday, a family wedding or any other such thing. Getting an instant personal loan not only helps you get by, quick repayment of it improves your credit score thus enabling you to take bigger help next time, in case the need arrives.

Personal loans are largely unsecured loans in nature which means you don’t need to put security or any collateral for getting your loan. All you need is a good credit score and necessary documentation.

Other Compliance and Miscellaneous Work

We at PR Tax, also help and serve the client in below mentioned services:-

  1. Formation of Partnership firm.
  2. Formation of Limited Liability Partnerships
  3. Formation of Companies
  4. Shop Act
  5. Food License
  6. Society registration
  7. NGO / Charitable trust registration
  8. 80G/ 12AA registration under the provision of Income Tax Act.
  9. Import-Export Code

We also guide in preparation and drafting of Family Arrangements and Family Settlements.

We are also planning to add more effective services besides Direct Taxes like other advanced work in field of Tax, Audit and Accountancy.